Dragon Ball Z 30 Min Warmup Jam Session

July 26, 2013

A 30 minute warmup sketch this afternoon after lunch to get in the groove for the heavy artin I need to do rest of the day. Decided to toss on a power ballad playlist and speed draw me up some Dragon Ball Z - love the concept/ idea behind that whole series just wish the dialogue/ etc was treated better so its not so embarrassing to watch. Cause the whole concept of the warriors fighting and maxing out and achieving new levels beyond the scope of known mastery and working hard and unlocking abilities and talent levels with every new challenge and the more and more they practice and get experience is just a neat thing. So here's Goku at Super Saijin I level, the man who achieved Super Saijin IV eventually. Anywho. Fun stuff, don't get to do nearly enough Dragon Ball Z stuff. This is similar to my Mario bros warm-up sketch earlier this week in I challenged myself to pick a popular character/ series and do my own "realistic" or rather just my own style but staying true to the character in essence. 

Fun stuff. Here's the video from the 30 minute impromptu Livestream. I posted it on twitter/facebook and deviant-art for whomever was able to come out. Thanks to Witty for making it out :) Enjoyed havin you stop by! On To More Work!

Livestream was farting around getting the video posted on the page so I am using my own recording :) Never gonna loose a recorded session again!

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