EWG Release - Weekly Stream, Tees, Cameos and Fireworks Oh My!

July 2, 2013

A couple releases/ announcements concerning the state of affairs with the weekly Livestream this week and some state o' the business with EWG.

First off Livestream, will be moving Wed Livestream to Tuesday night as Wed night will conflict with the holiday too much so will be doing work tonight Live. What will be displayed remains tentative, most likely be a demo of production on a must-complete comic page I need to get inked/ colored. Starts at 8pmEST till probably Midnight per usual. If not that, then some single character commissions I owe people! Work on that 25 character behemoth will resume and wrap up after the holiday.

In other news, EWG is proud to be officially working with 80stees.com on an exciting project involving some tshirt art commissions under their Hasbro license. They approached EWG seeking some exciting new art for a new shirt printing process they're working with and EWG is more than happy to step up to the plate and help it be nothing but a success. Awesome pop-culture merchandise and EWG artwork pairing up? Almost bound to happen sooner or later! Surely only epic things can come of this! Look forward to working with them on many great projects.

To help elevate the profile of Ungrounded a bit Patrick Gerard and I are working on a possible cameo by a fun pop-rock group in the midst of the Ungrounded story and get it a little more exposure. Keeping a lid on it now, but excited to hopefuly have them on board soon!

So in recap, Livestream will be 8pm-12pmEST tonight featuring (well you'll just have to wait and see) a EWG commission production of one kind or another, some great tunes and chat time where I'm always happy to discuss process, business or anything geeky or otherwise. EWG is teaming up with 80sTees.com to do some Hasbro licensed epicness and heres hoping to get some more publicity for Ungrounded with the help of a very cool band. Also in closing EWG will be out of the studio as of Wed Evening till Monday after the 8th when business resumes per normal. Time for a much needed vacation! No computers, no arts. Just beer, floatin in a river and hopefuly some good food somewhere in there with the wifey who is now done with all her cancer treatments and deserves to party and sip on one or two of her favorite well earned malt beverages ( sour apple smirnoff mmm). See you tonight and have a great 4th of july holiday!

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