Final 25 Eternals Commish Livestream A Wrap!

July 25, 2013

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THANKS TO ALL FOR A GREAT LIVESTREAM! It took six hours from 8pmEST Wed evening to 2amEST Thursday morning but I got it done! I took my time, worked it every step of the way till I got it looking/ feeling like I was going for and I really think the whole thing just came together nicely. 

 But PHEWWoo! This was a monster! But its 99% there finally  After about a month of process, maybe more I would have to look. Right now the next step is giving customers one last look over for color tweaks. Once they approve everything, and a lot of it was approved live last-night on Livestream, then will call it done done and will publish the whole process, of what Livestream videos there are and the screenshots along the way.

I want to say again, THANKS to everyone who came out and watched it happen live, I think we had up to 15 or 16 people out more of the time. Especially thanks to those who stayed the whole time, this was definitely a long one! 
I'm sorry to say the Livestream recording might not have worked, I'm talking to LS support about their mess up. I checked, all my settings were right. Just seems like 1 out of every 4 broadcasts will NOT show up on the video library afterwards and it pisses me off. So trying to see if LS can do anything about it but thinking I will most likely not be able to retrieve the video. So those who were out got to see it come to life, those who didn't missed out probably as the video might be lots to cyberspace for ever :) So onto any final changes that come back. But hoping the overall consensus is good and we can call this sucker done! Freaking awesome. 

At some point down the road, would love to do an expansion (separate piece) Since they have new team members and also a companion piece with the main nemesis of each of these characters! But... maybe next quarter LOL.

At some point later on will post a process article but for now heres a glimpse at the finished piece :) 

Thanks again to Eternals Inc for the amazing opportunity to do this for them, and for coming out and supporting me being up late working on it each week on Livestream, and hope you enjoy it for a long time to come!


Follow up a few hours later: Livestream Tech Support says theres a 5 hour limit on Livestream videos. And if I had watched a count down timer then it would have let me know if I was in the time limit. I don't use that thing I use a different broadcaster. Long story short the final video, did not save to the Livestream library cause it was an hour too long. Who knew? I'm curious to know what their excuse is for 2 or 3 hour videos I record and don't save either. 
Sorry to the Eternals out there, and hope this doesn't disappoint you too bad. Thanks for coming out and seeing it happen live. 

Update 7/30: Replaced image with final corrected art

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