Rock'in Livestream Session

July 19, 2013

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Lastnights Livestream session had a lot of rockin stuff going on. Namely the two feature pieces, one of which was this RocketGirl champions online based commission. Not sure if the customer ever made it out to check out the piece but some fellow gamers were out there loving seeing this character they recognized come to life. I have always been a huge fan of rocketeer and that whole era and 'golden age' of aviation stuff so I really wanted to do something epic for this. She originaly in the approval sketch had hands down at sides as you can see below. The final piece has more dramatic clouds, the arm sort of completing her overall 'arrow' like shape and i tilted her angle a bit to make it fit across the canvas better. Very happy with the result and hope the client is too! Ya know I havin fun if I work in all kindsa glorious shine and flares LOL. If I could change something and do it over I'd probably do the legs/ boots better but I think they work well regardless.

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Check out the Livestream of this session. Also including the beginning of the other half of this 'rock themed' night, HaseoBlack's punkrock bunny original character that I started falling asleep towards the end of the lineart inks LOL. SOrry Haseo, will get it finished up and to you soon! But glad you came out and we could make changes live like that. Also the night featured a largely rock-based soundtrack with lots of energy!

Enjoy! And see you next week hopefuly for another Livestream!

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