Ungrounded Page 26 Colors

July 23, 2013

Livestreamed for about 3 or so hours tonight starting with the finished inks of this, page 26 of the book I'm working on right now, Ungrounded. It was a massive page with lots and lots o' people and stuff and I think I ended up with a pretty sweet looking page when it was all said and done. Enjoy checking out the process. Sorry for a couple songs that are a bit on the racy side. But public internet radio, what ya gonna do lol. Enjoy. Can't wait to get this book done and see it in print. Easily my best comic work to date.

Typically pressing play below will open a new window. Just close that and press it again and you can watch it here. Livestreams wierd like that.

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

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