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August 1, 2013

Lastnight's EWG Live Wednesday was a great one. Thanks to the average dozen or so folks that came out and checked it out. Those who stayed past the first half hour got to see me finaly get wamred up and into a groove and knock out 3 fun customer orders. The first half hour was tough... really tough. I was struggling. But finaly found the groove.

First up was a chibi commission of two champions online 'Eternals' gf/bf and depicts the hero launching off into the air and his gf the heroine going for piggy back ride. She may be barely holding on but shes loving every minute of it. I solidified the pencils and cleaned them up a bit, but didn't worry about how crisp they were, along with shading initially with an 'ink wash' style I think gave it lots of texture and character. Then colored/ finished right over that. Played upbeat, teeniebop style pop tunes and beastie boys and rockabilly to go with the cute/ fun vibe.

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After that, switched gears into some serious dubstep action and cranked some Netsky and Deadmau5 and rocked this rave-style elf character meant to be a humanoid/elf version of My Little Pony's DJ P0n3 - I thought about setting her up on a turntable but wanted hip/ leg action showing and the piece to not be weighed down by a big turntable so just had her jammin on headphones in a club setting dancing it up. Fun stuff for sure. Digital pencils tightened up just enough to define all the shapes then colored/shaded/finished per usual!

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After that I finished up this new portrayal of a customer's OC and we had already gone through a round or two of tweaks and changes as it was a bit of a design revamp for the character. Love how he came out and was totaly feeling a Billy Idol or Judas Priest (80s punk/rock/metal) vibe throughout. The inks were only partly finished so I finished the black fills, then proceeded to color this sucker up! Finished ink lines and colors per usual! Grease Lightning baby!
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And heres what happens when the Livestreams run to/past midnight LOL. Based on randomocity in the chat during the Livestream. Never know what'll happen on these sessions lol. The 'blooper moment' of this pic is on the tail end of the Haseo Rabbit video. So keep an eye out for that.
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 Thanks to everyone for making it a fun and successful Livestream night. The enthusiasm fans/ customers show for the events is what keeps me doing them. Gives EWG a little more exposure probably but mostly, I don't make money off the events, I do it for the fun I have during them, and the enjoyment the viewers express. So thanks for continuing to make it worth it each time :) See you next Wednesday! Enjoy the Livestream videos below, OR if you go to the new improved EWG Livestream channel page you can sit back watch any videos from the 'library' below the screen and stuff n stuff. Comments always encouraged / welcomed on this site or Facebook.
See you next Wednesday for two new commissions scheduled for Anubis and for Witty!

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com


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