Working Late Tonight, Livestreamin

August 8, 2013

Working late. I had a sworn duty to make up for botchin the Orchid piece from lastnight (did the whole thing and forgot to save) and so did that todsay then dealt with some software breaking down and overall maintenance/ hunting around for other options. I in the end decided to do a lean mean install/ reconfig of my ol' trusty software. Needless to say got a bit behind today. One or two things I can push back a day or two but Ungrounded I want to stay on. Its at the end and this is no time to get delayed!

Livestram is broadcasting tonight whilst I working. Doin some comic pencils and inks on a fun page. Most viewers will probably wtf is goin on on the page. But its all good. Will have to buy the book and find out when its all published :) Playin a lil' catchup. Dig. Click 'EWG Livestream' to the right or this link -  

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