Balance In The Work Flow

September 25, 2013

Pretty full day. Worked a full day then washed the truck, helped pappa jobe with tossin roofing materials up on the garage and saw a nice sunset. Watched lots of duck dynasty and some alway sunny. had a mean toasted ham cheese and tomato sandwich for din din and got some chores done. all in all good day. though wally was a turd to me when i tried to take a nice walk through the woods with him and he ran all the way back to the house LOL. i got a free hour on my way to bed... hmm... think i'll do a lil' script writing then go to bed. be back to work 8am.

I think 8 hours working straight up, and 8 hours off is a good balance. Even steven. Perhaps? Yah. Diggin this new work flow.

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