CooP Zombie Battle - WIP Sketch

December 18, 2013

A fun two hero piece depicting two champions online characters looking forward to the fun of a zombie survival coop match. One of several pieces I will be finishing up today. The characters have been articulated most, and the zombies just fleshed out (pun sorta intended) and the placement of background elements. But will finish the zombies/ background completely in the inking stage rather then spending too much time penciling them. After all they are generic zombie background after all :) 
Anywho, its a zombie onslaught but the characters are to look happy and looking forward to the challenge as it is a game level. 
Both characters fly so made for the neat composition with the zombie looking up/ reaching up.
Stay tuned to the EWG website for progress sketches and desktop screenshots as well as finished highlights and livestream videos. Will be posting on the website more and linking to it at other sites like deviant art journal, facebook and twitter. All traffic should be leading here not all scrambled upon all the sites. Will be wittling down the works in my deviant art gallery to show just my best works. Once and a while adding a 'best' finished to my deviant art gallery. This will be the new format. Be sure to leave comments on the site here and when able will respond but I always read them :) 
Keep on drawing!

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