Ungrounded Graphic Novel - OWN IT!

December 9, 2013

2.99 Kindle
20.69 Hardcover
5.26 Paperback

Story synopsis from AMAZON: 
Joseph Danner is an existential physicist who sets out to acquire electromagnetic super-powers in order to fix a broken world. But when he encounters the ancient Egyptian deity Thoth inside a box designed for Schrödinger's cat, reality itself breaks! Now known as the costumed Mister Solenoid, Danner teams with billionaire treasure hunter Vivian Von Valiant and an extra-dimensional flying polar bear named Ulysses in a quest that sends them on a collision course with space cowboys, techno-genies, and the cynical Doktor Bleak! This romantically deadpan love letter high adventure comics is sure to boggle your imagination on every page. 
Writer and prize-winning raconteur Patrick Gerard (in his feature comics debut) and illustrator Eryck Webb (LAKE MICHIGAN BLUES, CARTEL) are joined by Dennis Culver (EDISON REX, JAM! TALES FROM THE WORLD OF ROLLER DERBY) and Moose Baumann (X-O MANOWAR, GREEN LANTERN: THE SINESTRO CORPS WAR, STAR TREK: MOTION PICTURE TRILOGY) in a volume engineered to take you on an epic romp that defies imagination. Also featuring work by James Ritchey III (GREEN LAMA: MAN OF STRENGTH) and Stephen Downer (EDISON REX, DOCTOR WHO). 
This softcover graphic novella is a pick-me-up you won't want to put down.
AMAZON - I recommend grabbing it on amazon (can read reviews, synopsis and preview)
CREATE SPACE - another location to grab it up!
WATERSTONES - And for you international folks!

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