Sky High Commissions and Cool Down Snowman

December 16, 2013

Did an impromptu Livestream session tonight featuring two character fan art commissions of Sky High characters Jetstream and Major payne. All owned by their respective owners and I think Disney or sompin! Was fun! My goal was to do both on a 'two at a time' canvas I use sometimes and keep it around 2 hours. I started around 815 finished about 1015 - not too shabby! Then the Deadmau5 music I had playing was pumpin pretty awesome and i wanted to cut loose and do a 'cool down' sketch of just something i really felt like drawing. I wanted to channel some CreatureBox and also do something snowman-related and I think this came out kinda cool. Seems like my 'trademark' to do black and white with gray tones and I generaly find the aesthetic of said style appearling. Anywho, came out with this awesome lil' ramblin snowman character. Got his scarf, his mittens and boots... nothin can stand in his way! Gave him some twigs for strands o hair and stuff n stuff. Fun! This piece and the two client orders shown finished below can be seen created in the livestream video at bottom of this post!
Thanks for reading, and see everyone out Thursday 830pmEST for a holiday-fueled livestream! And last one of 2013! (Sad ;( )

Jetstream, wife and right hand to The Commander

Major Payne the super old super cute super villainess

Check out the livestream of all these pieces below!

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