Site Improvements Done and To Come in The New Year

January 14, 2014

A quick notebook entry to the viewers/ fans and clients out there about current events! You may have noticed mild explosions on occassion over the last couple of days here in EWG land. That was the result of tweaking code and toying with new site design ideas. But alas it has been resolved that none of them really worked as well as the current one, so the new objective was formed. 

Over the course of the next month, the site will be updated for the 2014 year and feature small improvements and modifications but remain very similar to what its been for the last year. 

While it intends to stay true to the form and function of last year, it is going to see improvements in the following: Livestream page will feature browsing of past sessions and a new black backdrop to make the video watching even more enjoyable. The menus will be cleaned up from big splashy images to more refined links and the Pricelist and Ordertrackings will be refined for the new year. 

So far the site tweaks and livestream tweaks are done, eventualy a couple more on the ol' to do list will be completed and the pricelist and order tracking will be modified a bit. 

Basicaly shavin the un-necessary and improving the necessities. Hope to have it all in place and not be tweaking on it come early February. Check out the new livestream page, and the site overall, comment below if you have any feedback good or bad! 

And remember if something is blown up or looking out of wack is probably cause the site is still under construction. 

Thursday Night Livestreams are not planned for the time being, will approach that in the coming weeks maybe figure out a better time to do that even if its one event a month or something. All future broadcasts will be broadcast at higher quality from now on for those who want to study up on the process/ techniques and me using the software better. Stay tuned to EWG Facebook/ Twitter and DeviantArt Journal for announcements of spontaneous livestream broadcasts and other offers.

Thank you!

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