Year End Sale Order Production - Process and Livestream Video

January 8, 2014



Yesterday had a massive 'Draw As Many Year End Sale Orders As Possible' day and came out to about five orders in 10 and a half hours of work - Not bad considering they are all drawn fully inked and colored - i broadcasted the work all day on livestream witih periodic pauses to stretch/ get food/ drink/ pee and poop the dog, all that fun stuff. Heres some fun screen captures I took a long the way! And at the ver bottom you can see the livestream recording I did lastnight for about 3 hours, of finishing inks on the full figure rebel girl pic and the colors on all 5 pieces!
~ Enjoy. If you like seeing this kinda process stuff, say so on the comments below, and I'll do it more.





Livestream video of the colors on all 5
Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at

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