EWG Selfie - Sketch Daily

March 4, 2014

Selfie is the theme of today's 'Sketch_Dailies' over on facebook. An art jam facebook group been meaning to participate in well this morning to get warmed up for a day of comic page and strip drawing I decided to join in. Low and behold the theme was to draw myself! A scary prospect! haha - so here i am, took a pic from my kindle and drew it with it sitting at my desk for reference and made a goofie face and drew what I saw! Raw man raw! I know many of you never see what I look like, so now you can see many of my cartoons/ characters and mascots are definitly based on me lol. Dewd, to Billy from Jumping boy to various other thingies. 

Well enjoy cause daz only pic o' me your gettin for a while! haha
Was fun challenge to draw myself from a point of view where i stand back and just draw myself like any other person. Felt like it wasn't me. Kinda wieerrrddd. And I'm sure a lot of artists try to be glamorous or idealize themselves, I drew what i saw in the picture LOL. Alrighty.

Onto work rest o' the day. 

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