Malcom Sketching

April 9, 2014

Playing with new setup this morning - 1 on my wacom I moved my setup around as far as palettes and mapping on my wacom tablet so will take a day or two to get used to the new proportions as my 'muscle memory' expects to do certain movements and it do certain things and i have to teach it over again 'nono, now were using the whole two screens proportions not just one' which will be easier overall but for now will make drawing take a lil' longer be a little trickier. Heres me testing out the new settings on my OC from the archives 'Malcom' who ive had sitting patiently doing nothing with lately haha. Had the idea about a cameo on a chapter of jumping boy or something but that'd open that unvierse up to 'aliens' and just not sure if i want to do that or not. Already going to be a bit of stretch opening it up to sentient robots and ancient magical alchemy. ANywho! Also changed some stuff on the ol' livestream. Have some new stuff setup on picarto so it will display 'now playing' my logo and also a ticker at top that shows facebook address n stuf.f. Also the video focuses on the whole working window without palettes which might be nicer to watch/ view.

Look forward to seeing folks out for the first ever 'Thursday Night Livestream Request Commissions' session. Thats a mouth ful! $20 black and white ink sketch. Simpler/ looser but possibly awesomer? Is that a word. Alright. Will be on picarto all day drawing a comic cover pencil sketch, working on those werewolfcub designs, finishing the spring specials i was working on yeseterday and hopefuly starting 4 more!

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