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June 3, 2014

Happy to say after 2 months and a lot of fear, loathing, confusion and frustration, domain is back and officialy in an account and get this, I actualy have full control now! One year and two months ago the idea of Blogger streamline purchasing a domain via 3rd party with basicaly one or two clicks as opposed to picking a registrar registering an account and buying it through them, sounded like a good idea. Low and behold to change renew settings, much less ANYTHING with your domain, it helps to have an account. GO FIGURE. Well, out of confusion, dead ends with all attempts and figuring out how to correct the situation and utter frustration, I quit and decided to let it expire and grab it once it was back in the wild. But two days ago, eNom impressed me by offering to renew the name for another year for free and set it up FOR me if I make an account with them officially and they'd migrate it over. Apparently it was registered with them though I did not have an account. Not sure exactly how that even works, but that was basicaly the problem. But they were gracious to expedite the process. They just had me verify I was who I was and made it happen. Then to get it to point to the site where I'm hosting it I had to verify I was the owner and point the DNS and what not. BOOM.
Thrilled. Thrilled. 9 characters shorter and much more professional.
Good to go! Back in the .com saddle!
Lets do theeese. The mojo is go!

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