Fathers Day Mega-Puppy-Deth

June 16, 2014

Well my dad got his father's day card and art so I can post this up without ruining the surprise. 5x7 lineless index card sketch of Vic Rattlehead the Megadeth mascot, done with the tools shown. Not shown is the medium sharpie used for the smaller lines. Then bolder lines with the copic brush tip and filled in large areas with the chisel tip. Gray copic for shades/ finishes. Hes a big Megadeth fan and on the back wrote him a note about I appreciate being raised with such inspiring music as 80s metal and the like. Not a lot of parents would have done that/ were into that... and I'm glad I grew up with it. Music is such a big inspiration/ motivation and soul fuel for me today. Not just metal, all kinds... but it all started with 6am Megadeth wake-up-calls from downstairs when it was time to get up and head to school! Not all the time. But happened enough lol. And was always megadeth/ ozzy/ judas priest or the like when ridin with daddio somewhere. Mom was into it too though I credit her for getting me into more abstract stuff like Pink Floyd and Alan Parsons which I still enjoy to this day. But we're focusing on fathers day :) I think the vic art card goes well with the puppy greeting card what do you think? Sent it with the puppy on the outside then when you open it theres vic! Lol.
Anywho, I enjoy drawin on those blank index cards might have to make more of a habit doing it.

Wanted to share! Happy Fathers day sir. I always had the potential talent but couldn't have gotten where I am without you supplying the means! Thank you thank you.

Rock on.

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