400 Likes Giveaway Winner Art Is A Wrap

August 27, 2014

#hotrod #ratrod #rockabilly #gasmask #chinook #pinup #noseart

Happy to show off the finished art of the 400 Likes giveaway! Due to my own hiccup I decided to go ahead and do two. Shown here are the two pieces, the third attempt to pick a winner and the previously picked (second attempt) (which contacted me under the deadline but I jumped the gun on the re-pick). Both turned in very similar requests. Their requests for their free commissions appealed to each of their occupations or interests but also both ended up requesting a pinup girl style piece. Both had to take a bit longer than I planned as they are free and come after paid work. They were an absolute blast to work on. Both penciled in photosohp, inked in inkscape and colored in photoshop and are 300dpi 11x17inches.
Thanks so much to the winners for your following and supporting Eryck Webb Graphics and hope you enjoy your art! :) 

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