Wacom Pen Issues Debugged and Back on Track

September 1, 2014

So, I've been dealing with an issue in photoshop when I try to pencil or draw in general with stylus-determined opacity and linewidth. It would randomly with seemingly no pattern kick over to ignore the stylus and be 100% opaque and 100% the current brush's width. So I spent the better part of today dealing with it, i downloaded a different program (Artweaver) and drew some proofs just to get them done and they were good as far as rough layout proofs go but to do some serious penciling I've never found anything that is as similar to my work flow as photoshop. So anyways, after spending half the day system restoring, uninstalling photoshop/ reinstalling, and messing with this setting and that in wacom and photoshop, and searching forums on google and such, I finaly found the answer on an obscure forum topic about the same thing happening on newer versions of photoshop, only not in a microsoft or wacom help forum like you'd expect, but on Deviant Art. Happy to say it was a sudden revelation that in the wacom tablet settings in a dialogue drop down, Instead of 'standard' or other 'non-dual tracking' modes... theres an option called 'data recognition' - set that and everything works fine now. What? Are you serious? That one setting has been screwing me up since Thursday? - Wow.... but then thinking back to about a week or two ago I had tried to 'tune up' my wacom performance and changed that setting, and it seems to me it might have been on data recognition before but at the time i didnt notice a difference. Good job Eryck!
So, the above sketch was doodled with the fixed setting and it never once ignored my hand's pressure or how dark or thick i wanted the lines. Very good very good. 
Anybody out there have any issues with their wacom stylus' and photoshop, can contact me if you have more questions. But basicaly go to your wacom properties in control panel, click the tablet, and on a the first drop down box in the new dialogue, if you have a choice between standard, data recognition (and a third one) - hit data recognition. Boom.
Now... onto work! Going to stop in a few hours do some grilling for Labor Day. But before then trying to get a little labor in, if not to get my computer working 100% again so I can labor efficiently rest of the week!

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