Inktober 16 - Click Click Boom

October 16, 2014

#inktober #inktober2014 #sketchbook #sketch #boom - working with a brush and marker in a free trial of Sketchbook Pro I downloaded while waiting for registry cleaning and malware scanning. Photoshop was acting up with program errors all in a row so I knew something changes. Not sure when/ where but its usualy from Malware being picked up. So ran SpyBot search and destroy and sho nuff, found stuff. And walla, after registry clean on a (surprise) photoshop related entry and some malware removal, restarted and photoshop worked long enough to let me finish saving out some new UTMNT pages and send to Nick! While waiting on all the scans and amidst helping the wife with a crazy exploding light bulb cleanup, I downloaded a demo for Sketchbook Pro which I did this sketch in, and a demo of Artweaver. Artweaver free edition lets you do way more. May become my solution for coloring if I ever decide to completely move from photoshop. Sketchbook Pro could easily be my go to as well. Gotta tell you I love the way it handles lines, pressure of the stylus and the overall feel drawing on it and the interface isn't too horrible. I just wish I could find a paint/ photoshop type program that had a Pen tool for outlineing and flatting and selecting areas. Thats my THINGGGG. I find the freehand lasso tool so archaic after using a pen tool in photoshop the last several years. So I'm on a hunt for a photoshop alternative soley for coloring and sketching. If anybody knows one that has a pen tool for selecting areas, and that lets  you do layers and lock transparent shapes. I'm interested. So hit me up. 
Also officialy caught up on Inktober. 
Onto more inking, then a couple hours off before manning the helm of tonights October Micro Sale! Offer becomes live at 8pmEST and will close shop by 12amEST - earlier if no more orders come in. All orders will be done by November 6th.
Normaly a 45-52 dollar value, get it for 30.00 during this sale.

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