Inktober Day 10 - Roboguise

October 10, 2014

#inktober #sketch Day 10 - A digitally inked piece of an original character i've always sorta kept in the back of my mind/ in sketchbooks - the ol scratchboard if you will but have never done much with. The mystery solving time traveling robot detective 'RoboGuise' - This time doing the medieval thing or something. 
Really kinda random haha. Enjoyed doing this on a portrait format monitor setup was a great pleasure to ink with its like working on a 11x17 paper but digital didnt have to zoom in hardly at all cause it was so large. Made the inks come out nice and crisp. The inks and the orange shades were all done in Inkscape. I'm seriously concidering moving to Inkscape for coloring as well now that I discovered it'll basicaly do muliply and screen settings on the layers. With the way photoshop is crashing lately and how fast efficient and freeing Inkscape is. Could be the future of EWG work, and the road to the next evolution of my quality and work flow. 
Day 10 down! Woot. Back to some more paid work this afternoon and then out for the weekend!

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