Inktober Day 27 - Block Monster

October 27, 2014

#inktober #inktober2014 #sketch #monster #brickhouse
A Halloween-esque picture of a fun chunky rock monster, inspired by a creature in an old mirage studios turtles comic by Michael Dooney where they're camping in the woods and a villainess shows up this is one of her creature minions. But I just sort of drew it from memory its not exactly like it. Thought the dark trees and moon would make it kinda eerie. Alright! Officialy back at it after a nice 5 or so days off - see if I can't ease back into the swing of things. Got stuff to draw and clients to please. Keep the commissions coming, always available and need to keep the ol' queue cycling. Email for quotes and orders. Hitting the ground running full of pumpkin cereal pumpkin fruit bar and pumpkin coffeee.... i'm turnin into a pumpkin head! Lets do this...
Block head is drawn on 14x17 sketchpad with big fat dry erase marker and pencils for rough layout and shading

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