Inktober Day 29 - From Oz And Back

October 29, 2014

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A little something I was inspired to do this morning. Fall/ Halloween for me is always synonymous with Wizard of Oz. I always get in the mood to watch the original classic around around october/november and love it best waiting for it to be on TV - i dont know why, its more special that way than if i owned it. Though I guess I could just own it and only wait till that time of year and watch it when I'm really jonesing. REGARDLESS, this is something a long time coming. I may do this or a special DewdOLantern piece for halloween. Will finish it tonight/ by Halloween. And it will be available to purchase as an official EWG print. 

This piece is an new 2014 rendition of a classic personal piece I did way back in like early 2000s? Heres the old piece also availble to view on DeviantArt .
 This is me revisiting it as i've often wanted to do, and Inktober if nothing else is a great platform for me to take the time to do just that. Using my Inkscape inking tools over a sketch I did quickly in SKetchbookPro I just resketched and refined in black lineart/ with spot blacks then through a brown shade over to finish it off. I think it shows a massive improvement in form and skill since that original piece way back when.  
Fun stuff!

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