Graphics Patrol - State Of The Union

November 17, 2014

Good morning! 
Back on patrol for a week of graphic artings. As stated last week there is a major job crunch between now and Thanksgiving, so I'm moving everything I can to after December 1st. I'm leaving with the wife to have Thanksgiving out of town the Wednesday before, so I have till then to get a very large job done to meet certain time sensitive/ financialy sensitive requirements for the project. There is no way to avoid it and I aim to get it done and help the client get it taken care of in the time they need it. To do this, there will be a push back. Only about 5 items are still scheduled to be worked on aside from this. UTMNT webcomic since its a weekly ongoing, Transformers gig to stay on schedule, a SHAZAM commission, and get prelim sketch proofs out for 3 new commissions, which will be finished after December 1st. 

Will be a feverish 9 days ahead but as long as I stay on my planned out schedule it will get done, and as of December 1st everyone will be taken care of.

Thank you for understanding and wish me luck on this project! Have a great week - and if I have ANY time at all to squeeze in, maybe start an hour earlier each morning, I will have a new TMNTurkeys piece this year. A publication I was developing to celebrate the 5th year anniversary of EWG will be shelved and I will come up with something simpler due to no time to work on it.
Perhaps the publication will be released after the new year instead. Who knows.

Alright, time to knuckle down and get to it. Working them fingers to the bone.
Have a great week!

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