Thursday Stream And Webcomics To Come

November 5, 2014

That does it for this busy Wednesday, I will be taking a few hours off then buckling down on some more comic work this evening to keep up with the ol' work schedules. Theres a few more things going on this week thought that folks should probably note. October Sale Orders, my new webcomic and Thursday Night Livestream are the main focus of this post.

October Sale orders have about drawn to a close. Except for one regular client who put in a hefty order and understand it'll take another week or so to get them to him. Beyond that everyone else will be finished up under the wire. I've purposely held off the last two till this Thursday (Tomorrow already?!) as they enjoy the streaming aspect and so I will be doing one during the afternoon tomorrow for TamTam and then one for Thursday Night Livestream demo tomorrow night.

If you subscribe to my Picarto or Livestream channels you will usualy be notified when a new stream becomes active. I try to post on Deviant Art, Twitter and Facebook several minutes in advance too. I'm surprised more folks dont come out. Not everyone lives in same time zone I do. So if your not working or otherwise engaged, come out check out some work in progress. Good way for folks pondering on commissioning me to do some real-time QnA and checkout what they'd be buying as well. Always cool. Thursdays are traditionaly the night where from 8pmEST till at least 10 I am working on a piece which is spotlighted as a demo piece, and is usualy recorded and posted to youtube afterward. Other streams are just unrecorded broadcasts and a peak behind the EWG curtain. I should also note a new item on the EWG Pricelist is a $15.00 process video of your commission order, whatever kind you got, you can order for $15.00 (per item) an edited, time elapsed video spanning 5 to 10 minutes with some appropriate music going along with it of your piece. An especialy great item for those process junkies out there.

Last but not least, keep an eye out for the next installment of my new webcomic Run Of The Mill which posts Thursday (aka Midnight) and a buffer is built up so its good to go for every Thursday this month and beyond :) Let me know your thoughts on it when it comes out. The full color fictional tale based on my life with my wife and our dog premiered Halloween, October 31st and also the last day of Inktober to help drive extra traffic. Will remain to be seen if the good response it got will carry to strip 2 and beyond. Eventualy if it makes sense to, may bump it up to a twice or 3 times a week comic. But for now, enjoy the once a week installments. Only on the EWG website comics section.

Have a great one, and will probably stream (not recorded) while working on comics if I do tonight. But for now, with a yawn and a stretch, this humpday is wrapped! Look for the new comic, see folks out for Thursday Night Stream, and pick it all up Thursday!

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