Cold Sick SKetch

December 30, 2014

#cold #sick #horizons #sketch

Well, hope everyone had a great christmas/ holiday heading into the new year. I did, was with the wife and my family for christmas and it was wonderful. I knew I was getting sick but held it at bay till later christmas day. Then have been in feverish, nauscious and plugged up hell since. But i'm like 90% better. That annoying better where you have the gumption to do stuff but then sit down and realize you have no energy or ability to do so. But damn if I aint trying to push through it.

So for that reason I apologize for absense or delay in things. Priority this week will definitely just be the 'must completes' and the rest pushed back to next week when i'll hopefuly be 100% again and rocking and rolling on the arts.

I was just sketching in sketchbook after a pencil proof was sent out to a client. I couldn't get it past a sketch proof and decided to try to work through that with this. This ended up bein a reflection of how i feel haha. But with gian tlooming robots. Yay.

Bah... this crap is for the  birds. No way to start the new year. Hope to be better by then. Working on it!
This week priority: TnC, UTMNT, TFSG.

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