Happy Start To Holiday Season

December 1, 2014

#cybermonday #blackfriday #holidayseason

As the holiday season kicks into high gear, so does the production over here at EWG. As deadline-urgent production on the TnC year one book took priority over personal works like Run Of The Mill, TMNTurkeys 2014 edition, much less most any client work, so will the final followups with the printer, and so will taking care of all order Dec1st and earlier to get them out by the New Year.

So respectfully EWG will be bowing out of black Friday, and cyber Monday which it celebrates as 'chibi monday'. There are just stacks and stacks of orders to get out and i'm making them priority till the new year. So EWG will seem a little quieter amongst all the various websites but be assured, we're working hard as ever. Will be taking christmas eve through that following sunday off, celebrating something very specially on December 11th, and taking most of Dec 1st to finish up the family's Christmas card get that underway during cyber monday deals. So besides those key days off (oh and new years) will be workin it up steadily

Priorities will be the big projects like (in no particular order) transformers shattered glass, knightstalkers, 80stees, utmnt, tnc, and mr MiD  and everything else will be fit in around those. Thanks for your patience as I pushed stuff back to this week, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and heres lookin to kick some ass all the way up to Christmas and the New Year!
Hope you'll stay tuned!

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