Ultra Mammoth Warmup

December 12, 2014

#sketchbook #sketchbookpro #dailysketch #transformers #ultramammoth #beastwars

Warming up with some Ultra Mammoth from Transformers Shattered Glass this morning before tackling some transformers pages. Want to be close to done with the current batch of pencils as I can by the weekend. And got a slew of other stuff to do as well. A great way to get going on it though. Penciled in sketchbook pro on my windows desktop this morning. Look for new warmup sketch additions to my online sketchbook on this site. Click the 'sketchbook' listing or gallery on this site to see the rest. Going to make a point to start each day with some freedrawing to get the ol' groove going. Starts each day off with 'fun drawing' that'll translate to better work throughout the day rather than immediately starting with 'work drawing'. Don't get me wrong though, often times the work drawing is fun as hell too.
About 30 minutes from start to post. Onto some pages! Bookmark this site to keep up with daily sketch warmups and more! And hope everyone's enjoying the 5 days of ewg's history. Its a retrospective i figured a lot of folks might find interesting but is also half for me as I kinda often don't think about how different everything used to be.

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