EWG Update: No LSN This Week

February 17, 2015

#update #release #livesketchnights

Two Quick Points
First, we are sorry to announce that this week's Live Sketch Night has been
  cancelled. There is just too much to do this week. We hope you understand and we will shoot to hold one next week if orders are not backed up too much. It just wouldn't be fair to do a sketch night event when clients are waiting on their orders. There will be a release posted as soon as the flag is green for more sketch night fun! 

Second, we are accepting new commissions! We are planning the production schedule and are very busy. We want to give you a full disclosure upfront about the timeline and feel it's irresponsible to take a new commission and guarantee to start it the next week if we really don't have a space for it. Therefore, when you order a commission, we will let you know when work can begin on it. You can decide if you want to save your place in the queue or not. Hopefully start time and overall turnaround will be caught up soon. Until then, this will be the procedure!

Thank you for understanding, and please do not be discouraged. Keep the commissions coming, it just might take a little longer to get started on them!
Thank you in advance!

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