Spartan - Warmup sketch

February 19, 2015

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A warmup sketch this morning of 'Spartan' from Troubleshooters, a new comic project I will be working on this year with Andrew Lorenz. Already queued up to do the first two pages but am getting a feel for the characters and such till I start on the pages in a week or two. Got to get a few things off my plate but can't wait to properly put my attention on this project.

This is just a warmup, aka a method to get warmed up and in the right mindset to do art/ work all day. Hence the stiff nature of this sketch. But not too shabby. I always like superheroes with blank eyes, in my mind it is a metaphor for the fact that in their costumes/ masks you don't recognize who they are so the eyes make them that much more mysterious. Anywho, he will most likely have eyes in the actual comic cause thats how hes designed. Thank you to Andrew for letting me have a little creative liberties in the character designs. As shown here, I'm basicaly sticking to the established but putting little touches on that I think would be cool, like the subtle tweaks to spartans helmet and shoulder armor. Alright... onto work, have a great Thursday!

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