Vivian At The Summit - Character Art

February 5, 2015

#comic #ungrounded #explorer #commission #illustration

Just wrapped up this post-live sketch night color upgrade! Did the black and white sketch lastnight during this week's event, and the client, Patrick who I have worked with on Ungrounded, was gracious enough to let me color it today after the event. This allowed me to spend some more time on it in various areas and I think the results came out pretty darn good! If you haven't read our graphic novel 'Ungrounded' now is the time! Just search for it on Amazon, you can't miss it. Theres new stuff in the works so get on board early folks! This is Vivian the world-trekking artifact and strange gizmo collector! Also probably the foremost expert on all weird unexplainable objects that resulted from the creation of the Ungrounded world.

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