EWG On The Move!

March 20, 2015

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An off the cuff notebook entry: This is an EWG state-of-the-business update to all clients with orders in the queue and looking to order commissions in the near future. 

Well, the title and graphic say it all. The Webb's are moving into our house over the weekend! That being said, after this weekend, I will not have Internet for several days next week. I am officially on a 'working vacation' through next week. This means, 1.) I'm exhausted from cleaning, fixing and painting our house getting ready to move in and 2.) Getting setup for optimal workflow will take a while. 

However, internet or not, I will be taking an hour here and an hour there and work on things in between getting us setup in our house this week. I will probably do only one or two commission steps (inking this, coloring that etc) a day if that, depending on our unpacking/ setup. 

So Basically, for the past couple weeks we've been getting the house ready/ moving/ and heavy lifting stuff from storage to the truck then heavy lifting it to the basement of the house (thank god for an attached garage). Doing that till late at night most nights (I do admit I took a few off when able) then the each morning, after I finally get my achy worn self out of bed by late morning. But we got it to the point now where all we have to do is put furniture in it, wash dishes put them away. Before we were trying to get it all done before an appointment for carpet cleaners to come today. Thats done, so now we can pace ourselves, and at our leisure get a box bring it up, clean its contents and decorate with it. But will be spending the weekend getting the big furniture in, the beds the sofas the shelves, cabinets, desks etc. Honestly for the most part thats easy after all the spackling sanding painting and repainting that we've been doing. And lets not get me started on the tape we used to mask off areas, it was HORRIBLE coming off of the walls. And when you finaly find a technique for it it kills the ends of your fingers/ your finger nails. 

So to sum it all up, I'm exhausted, and still have lots of more physical labor to do over the weekend. Will not even begin to get my work area setup until Monday and might not be till Tuesday till I actualy do some work. But basicaly I need the time off, and will be putting priority in getting settled all next week. Also Wednesday is Kristina's birthday, I will not be working that day. That day will be 100% devoted to her, and whatever she wants to do that day. So after that, Thurs and Fri will be spent getting serious and back into the swing of work and at normal production schedule again. Have no fear, I will continue to work on projects even if I do not have access to email or such to send proofs/ update anybody. Hopefuly should have internet by early next week  installed. But if nothing else will get it straight by end of the week

After today, Order Tracking will be neglected, emails / invoicing will not be done and there won't be much progress on most commissions but I will do what I can. Will just be one week at most. To get rested up, healed up (omg my hands/ arms/ legs/ back are so sore) and back in the groove. Hopefuly, in a more motivating and ideal work environment!

Questions and Comments can be left below and thanks to all for understanding. I can not update everyone individually by email that'd take a while but hopefully most of you follow me on Deviant Art ,Twitter or Facebook or (gasp) even on this site. And will be updated that way. Wish us luck! This new direction on our continuing journey of life is a overwhelming but exciting one!

5 Years ago I never would have believed this little commission business would be supporting a beautiful new home for the wife and I. Thank you to everyone who has and continues to support EWG. From both of us.

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