Have A Golden Week - Warmup Sketch

March 16, 2015

#leprechaun #stpatricks #potofgold #rainbow #fourleafclover #4leafclover #warmup #sketch

Yeah I'm drawin leprechauns a day early but hey, why not? Heres to Monday and the start of a new week! The weather's improving, and opportunities await, so what do you have to lose? Go for gold!

Also tomorrow I will be hiding a pot of gold somewhere on the EWG site, whomever finds it, takes a screenshot and emails it to me will automatically receive a free black and white digital character art ink commission! Can be normal or chibi! Will be low key, will only post about it once on Twitter, Facebook and deviant art; mostly whomever actually follows/ reads this site regularly will know about it. The pot of gold will only be up from Midnight tonight till Wed. You heard it here first.

Any feedback/ questions can be posted below!

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