Heading into March with EWG

March 2, 2015

Happy March everyone, heres to this bitter cold that is the winter heading out and the warmth and blooming coming in. Aw crap allergies follow. Ah well, WORTH IT. In other news, no Run Of The Mill this week, just too busy and also going to refrain from a Wednesday Night Livestream this week. Tryin to lighten my load, have a better work/ life balance. See if that can't happen this week. Also, as a sort of 'hush hush' special all month long, celebrating this month, the birthday month of my wife Kristina, and also one of the most agonizing months waiting for winter to go away and for spring weather to get here, as well as losing an hour of our days again, I will be applying a 5% discount to all invoices this month. Also celebrates the 5 years in business, and hopefuly getting fully moved into our new house this month. Going to be a crazy month!

So, in summary, lots of reasons to celebrate, thought I'd spice up the month with a 5% discount on all invoices no matter what it is. I invoice you, you get 5%. Goes for orders that I was supposed to invoice last week before March and didn't get to. ANYTHING invoiced in March. Folks who read my site posts will look forward to this, and folks who don't will be surprised haha.

Enjoy! And heres to the month ahead!

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