Malcom - Warmup Sketch

March 11, 2015

#warmup #sketch #inkscape #inksketch #drawing #characterart #characterdesign

Warmup sketch this morning get out some of the kinks before working on commission orders today. An ol' character hope to get off the shelf some day, and have many diff ideas on how to do so. The alien with a knack for crackin robot skulls, Malcom. Coming to a webcomic near you far off in the future.

Also want to use this post as an opportunity to remind clients/ fans that there will not be a Live Sketch Night this week, and most likely not next week either as just a lot on the ol' plate right now. Moving and pretty full with work, though with my current schedule I do have room at the end of March.

I also encourage folks who want to get on the 'waiting list' aka in-line in the queue to go ahead and order this month while I have the 'Sick Of Winter Sale' going on all month. Thats 5% added to EVERY invoice. In most cases this seems to nullify the paypal vendor fee, and several dollars from the overall price. So enjoy that while it lasts :)

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