The New Interim Studio

March 26, 2015

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Hey, Eryck here. So don't expect this blog entry to be a well written, grammar-correct piece of literature here. When you see posts that well written they've been edited heavily by Kristina :) This is me just giving an update off the cuff so to speak:

Alright, well here it is. My new interim setup at our new house. This is dubbed by my wife as the 'sponge bob room' because it has sponge bob white, green and yellow walls and a sponge bob square pants cartoon border around the top. This will be redone later. For now, its my studio, with a guest bed behind the view of this photo.

I have shelves to stow my supplies, samples of my work and reference material and got a couple framed pieces i will hang up later have them sitting around for now. The 'EWG orange' rope light is just for fun, especially when working in the evening and matches the orange desktop backgrounds of the monitors.

The left area is my computer/ wacom/ digital work desk area, and on the right is something I haven't had in a long time. A traditional work station. All my pens markers are in that box and infront beside the drawing board is packs of highly smooth card-stock and then yes, I have a drawing board again finally. On it I taped a sheet of newsprint and was warming up with some spiderman penciling with that visible pencil and eraser. The drawing board has grooves underneath that let it grip the edge of my makeshift 'table' and then its propped up on my light-box. So I can pickup the drawing board set it down to the side and pull up the light-box and use it.

Pretty work area? Eh, to each their own. Spacious? Yes. Setup for maximum workflow? Yes. Very excited to have this new interim work space for sure. It is called interim because it is only till I get my true dedicated work space done on the 3rd floor. The whole 3rd floor/ attic space will be my reference lounge/ work area. But for now, its open frames up there and I get to start with as solid floor and a clean slate. This will be my work area till that is complete. Its technically the 4th floor and is 3 floors from street level. I playfully refer to it as the watch tower. It will house all my comics, reference books, figures and other geeky goodness as well as a small lounge area to sit and absorb inspiration and reference ideas as well as 2 to 3 long work table areas for traditional, digital and beyond.

But for now, this is where I shall dwell and I think it'll work better than my last setup. The latest and greatest so far :) And with that, EWG is officially fully up and running and just reassessing where we were with orders and what to knock out before the weekend and into next week.

Thanks for everyone's patience in me either getting back to them, or getting back to their orders. Some clients have complained, others have been amazingly understanding. And I understand both. But I'm back and will start hacking away once again. Priority will be on immediate deadlines and most character art will be subject to a 'order of received' waiting list while I tackle the weekly regulars.

Got a break from work, but exhausted from the move. Work should be easy now. Also, our new home has faster internet so look for livestreams to return.

Thanks and its good to be back!

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