Dinobots Tee from 80sTees and EWG - OWN IT!

April 6, 2015

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Have you seen this new Dinobots available for sale on 80stees.com? It came out friggin sweet! You plan as much as you can in the art production phase but never quite shure how it'll come out till you see the final product.

EWG did the artwork of the dinos and the surrounding decepticons and 80s tees made it fit the shirt added a lot of the flares and extra shines and the Transformers logo - and I think it all goes together perfectly. Will definitely be snatching up one of these badboys in the near future. You should too!
I have a couple 80stees shirts that I designed at this point, and they are GREAT quality. And sizes for bigger folk like myself and for the shorties too!

Get eet! Head over to 80stees.com right now!

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