EWG New Operating Format

May 29, 2015

Its come to my attention that I've dropped the ball on a few projects. So I will be cranking up the output for the next month or so to catchup on deadlines I'm behind on. That being said, I am finishing off the short week continuing as originally intended, by whittling away at my list of character art and design commissions that have been sitting on the back burner way too long. Working today/ this evening to get as many done as I can. Possibly Saturday some as well.

By Monday I will have the schedule all squared away and have production headed in a direction to make not only the individuals with their character art happy, but the comic production folks as well. Have no fear, it shall get done, but comic projects because of their size and complexity, must be the priority. Single character orders and design orders will be done about one a day. So the format for after the weekend will be each day, sketch an approval sketch that needs started, send it off for approval. Then finish one that's already approved. In between those, I will be working on a different comic project each day.

For this reason, commission orders are now set to a 'case-by-case' basis. If its something that I think I can work in, and the client is willing to wait till the next available day, I will be happy to take it on. But during this heightened production period this will all be at my discretion. The best thing I can recommend is wait till space becomes available, at which time I will open however many slots I'm willing to take on at the time. Then once those are completed, I will open more if I have time.

This will be how EWG proceeds till we get a bit less of a work load.

Hope this makes sense, and thank you for your understanding! And ALWAYS thank you for your orders and support, couldn't keep this boat afloat with you.

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