Ink Warmup Sketch - TMNT Chibis

October 8, 2015

#tmnt #ninjaturtles #chibi #inkscape #warmup #sketch

Not my Inktober piece for today, but a chibi warmup sketch that came out of warming up to do some inking on some UTMNT pages. Started with mikey and then just had the notion to add them all in. Was sort of playing with a technique similar to the Jung Kim (i think i got his name wrong) who can  draw from a blank canvas all the way to finished drawing from one part to the other no prelim drawings. I think I actualy have the capacity to do the same, I've used it a couple times in the past. Its all about pre-visualizing and not losing sight of the intended composition. So I did that here but not very neatly. I might actualy use this as a base to do my actual Inktober later on. But wanted to share the loose energetic sketch I did just now. Alright, onto the inks! Had em scheduled for this morning but have a feeling its all i'll get done today lol.

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