Inktober - Day 1 - Space Monkey

October 1, 2015

#inktober #brushpen #ink #sketch #drawing #monkey Day 1 (October 1st) of Inktober, I am participating this year, and have decided to go back on my original statement that i'd do it with digital inks, and each morning start the day by inking with traditional brush pens and such and drawing on cardstock. Perhaps by the end of the month I will be better at inking traditionaly. An area I was never satisfied in to begin with which drove me to go digital for  better results. Now, I go back to traditional with much more knowledge from my digital experience and attempt to reapproach it. 31 days of practice straight should help no?
Pigma Brush Pen, Copic Black Brush tip, and an Avengers pencil to lightly block in some shapes before finishing it in ink.

Enjoy the space monkeyness, and see ya'll tomorrow for another. I will not necsesarily record each one, but I plan on turning on the livestream each morning for those who wish to join me.

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