Practice Sketch - 1.1.16 - Spidey

January 1, 2016

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First warmup sketch of 2016! Like, literaly had to make a new 2016 directory and then a new personal work directory in it to save this in. Thought I'd do a fun redesign of spidey. I always like the idea of portraying him with long spidery limbs and torso. Like the mutation made his arms/ legs unnaturaly long next to his torso. So when hes in certain dynamic poses he really looks spidery. Also, have more understated gloves/ shoes with the web pattern, and a belt thats unattached that actualy has some pockets for more practicality. A bigger more abstract spider rather than a realistic one. Anywho. Fun little 5 minute sketch on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in Autodesk Sketchbook with my new Bamboo Smart stylus. Gotta get used to it. Its really nice. Only thing is its a bit smooth to hold onto. I think I'll get one of those grip slip on things like for pencils and it'll be perfect. Alright sticking this in the sketchbook section. Finished pencils on a Ungrounded spread this morning on the tablet (like penciling on the tablet and then moving it to computer via drop box) and rewarded myself with this fun free sketch. Onto more page work. Using today to focus on ungrounded. Hit everything else next week. Happy New Year. What are your resolutions? Mine is to feel healthier, be happier, stress less about the future, stew lest about the past. Realize a lot of things we worry about aren't in our hands anyways. And just have a happier year. And work hard to keep this life kristina and i have made together chugging forward smoothly.

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