Mega Colby Man - Warmup 5916

May 9, 2016

#megaman #colby @tnccomics @sketchbookpro

Done this morning on the samsung galaxy note 10.1 streaming on twitch. Just trying to do something for fun first thing get me in the right creative mode on this sluggish monday morning. Ugh, wore myself out this weekend. But though I struggled even with this fun for the heck of it piece I slowly got back in the right mode and ended up enjoying this. Then I designed an ad for the new schedule that starts tomorrow for my Drawing Request Show - the live open table segment of Eryck Webb Graphics where you can come out request a commission live and see it drawn in real time when its your turn.

Will be posting that ad after this but wanted to share. Completely drawn and colored in sketchbook mobile on samsung galaxy note then moved across drop box to my desktop. fun stuff.

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