Cubium Dreams - Scary Stream Special 101316

October 13, 2016

@twitch #game #october #halloween #creepy

First of all thank you to the dozen folks or so who hungout shared this experience with me. Wow, all I can say this game was a pleasant surprise. So immersive and enveloping visually and via the ambient/ enhancing audio. Everything was based on cube-shapes but that did nothing but make it seem more surreal. About 6-7 (lost count) levels of puzzles and surreal comprehension of the world around you. 
I won this game as a sub prize on LeFrenchStallion's stream as a random steam game giveaway and I couldn't be happier. I played it tonight as my first time ever playing past level one and it was entertaining and mysterious for the viewers it seemed like as much as it was suspenseful and exciting for me to play. 

I beat it, it only took 2-1/2 hours to beat non stop but that was not without many many attempts. So i'd say its about  2 hours beginning to end if you really get through it smoothly. But if you get lost exploring and unlocking all the secrets I could see it taking much longer. 

Great stuff, heres the replay if you missed it! If you have the chance to grab this cheapie game off steam, be sure to give it a go. One of the best gaming experiences ive had in years! So much worth the cost.

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