EWG's 2016 Pumpkin Hunt - has ended

October 28, 2016

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This special event has ended

The HUNT is live! 
The October 2016 Special: EWG's Pumpkin Hunt has begun! Put your eagle eyes to use and start browsing! The site is peppered with 6 spooky jack o' lanterns, each burning bright in a different color! Each one you find will award you $5 off ANY future Eryck Webb Graphics commission or ANY Drawing Request Show stream request. But they will not be easy to find and there is no guarantee that you'll find all six! Thats right, there are six pumpkins. That means you can find $30 in savings!

Getting Started
1. When you find a pumpkin, email its color and the title of the post you found it in to eryck@eryckwebbgraphics.com. You can send your finds together or individually.
2. Any pumpkins on ads and on logos do NOT apply. Pumpkins applicable for discount will have green leaves and no ring around it and it is not attached to an ad!
3. Have fun :)

There are 6 jack o' lanterns to find. They are Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Pink and White.

Guidelines/ Rules:
* This special starts at 5 pm EST on 10/28/16 and ends at 5 pm EST on 10/31/16. Any entries submitted before or after this time period will not be honored.
* All submissions must be emailed to eryck@eryckwebbgraphics.com - no exceptions.
* The discount can be used on any character art, comic art, graphic design commission or stream request.
* One use per customer
* This discount cannot be shared. If you want to share this with a friend, do it now so they can earn their own discount.
* You must use the entire earned discount on 1 item.
* The pumpkins disappear in 2017 so you must use your discount before then.

What are you waiting for? They're out there NOW! Happy Hunting! And Happy Halloween from EWG!

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