Happy Thanksgiving from Eryck Webb Graphics

November 21, 2016

#thanksgiving #gobblegobble #turkey #tmnt

From Eryck Webb's family to yours, hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving. The mill will be closed all week until after Thanksgiving, at which time commission orders will resume and streaming will pick back up. 
Be sure to take time this week, wherever you are, and give thanks for all that you do have and forget about everything you dont have. Be thankful for those in your life who care for you and that you in turn care for as well. The pets, the roof over our heads, the heat in your vents the water in your pipes and the sunshine and fall colors out your window. 
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and see you when EWG resumes. 
Enjoy that turkey! If you can defeat one that is...

Gobble Gobble!

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