Daily Discipline: BeachComber G1

January 14, 2017

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Well this is today's Daily Discipline as i like to refer to it. An attempt to practice drawing once a day to keep my skills sharp and at the current level (or better). I originaly said Friday was last day of this weeks transformers g1 theme, but I guess I forgot about Saturday and Sunday :) So heres a bonus! I really couldnt think of a lot of decepticon little guys except for reflector and what soundwave has. All the decepticons were fairly big guys. But on the autobot roster you had huffer, gears, brawn, bumblebee, cliffjumper, seaspray, beachcomber, powerglide and more. Also those are the guys I tend to enjoyed the most when they were featured on the show. This BeachComber comes from the episode I remember him most from which was the one where he finds this slice of paradise and is enjoying time with the birds and animals of the forest and then the decepticons and autobots end up fighting over this natural spring of gold chemical that gave them all energy and durability and all that. And beachcomber had struggled with all the destruction to the beautiful forest and havok it was playing on all the peaceful creatures inhabiting it. It was one of the more significant episodes that hit you right in the feels and beachcomber was in the middle of it all. Anywho, thats where the bird came from :) Fun stuff - enjoy! 
Inkscape about 45-50 minutes start to finish ( am a bit tired so it took a bit longer ).
A little birdy told me I'll do one more tomorrow and probably do an impromptu stream of it over at twitch.tv/eryckwebb like i did this one.


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