Twitch Streaming: DRS Episode 150 Recap

January 23, 2017

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As of this post all art sent! Thanks so much for all the 150th episode of Drawing Request Show hype! I planned on just doing a normal stream but occassionaly mentioning that it was the 150th stream. Well, it turned into an outcry of support and appreciation from many of the regulars and I was very touched and overwhelmed with the support. In return we spun a lot of gratitude wheels, and did 3 bonus giveaways! I try to get between 6 and 12 drawings done in a stream (depending on what goes on in the stream) and today I only got 5 done haha. Not includeing the warmup of Moobot mixed with Ryu. Was a blast, really reinforced that I'm doing something people really seem to enjoy watching muchless participating in. One part drawing stream, one part gameshow, one part silly stream. Drawing Request Show now embarks on its next goal of 200 episodes, and I'm excited and have NO IDEA what the next 150 will bring. Always amazing, always something different.

See folks tomorrow 2pmET for the Drawing Request Show Upgrades stream which is now every Tues/ Thurs between normal DRS streams. Looking forward to it!

Check out the hour long train of 150 hype donation support and the ensuing wheels in this special clip from the stream!

Also a shorter clip from when the Gratitude Wheel goes haywire on me LOL. (Or rather winamp). And hilarity ensues.

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