Drawing Request Show e177 Recap

March 3, 2017

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As of this post, this artwork is sent! Where do I even begin. DRS 177 will be one I'll never forget. I've had a few donation trains before like on a birthday or something, but today was a massive one that I never would have expected. Thank you so much to Trayde, LeoKage, KingKonigTiger, Lynxie, Ecto, Cody and Preventerice for the AMAZING stream. I got this two character [ pictured above ] drawn, went to do a giveaway for hitting the tip goal, and the donations erupted from there. Unlocking 5 more giveaway spins, 40 gratitude spins total for the folks listed above and then the stream ended with the TOP 3 Supporters of the week getting a thank you spin each! Heres a highlight below of a small portion of this epic and unexpected stream. Thank you so much! You guys want to support me like this? I'm so happy to give back via wheel prizes and do it all stream if you guys so make it happen. We'll get em all drawn starting when DRS returns Tuesday 3/7/17 2pmEST! Only on twitch TV! See you at the next live Drawing Request Show!

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