Drawing Request Show e191 Recap

March 24, 2017

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As of this post, all art sent! Check your Twitch Whisper messages! Thanks to all who came out and supported me on today's stream! It is always fun rocking a Friday stream, last of the week and last chance to blow it out before the weekend. I had a migraine/ sinus thing hit me hard around lunchtime and so postponed the stream a half hour to lay with a heat pad for a bit. It and some headache meds helped take the edge off but never fully got rid of it. But I made some strong coffee and powered through the afternoon. Though the combination of the clustery migraine and the allergy/ headache meds that I took in response sort of left me a little flaky lol. So amidst my goofing around with webcam or other things and talking about random topics I drew these 5 awesome requests. Im always amazed and thrilled by the awesome people that visit my stream. KingKonigTiger is one, he came out layed down a donation big enough to have the full inks/ colors of a one character piece AND enough to have it INSTAntly next. But turned down the insta. Amazing. But he got his good kharma returned when he won 95 free drawing credits on Game Of Fate wheel! Hitting a new record for the stream :) 

Thanks to all who came out, have a fantastic weekend, and as of next week we start incorporating inks and colors into the stream on a regular basis! 

See you at the next live show, every Monday-Friday 2pmET at twitch.tv/eryckwebb

(also master list is updated)

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