Drawing Request Show e248 Recap

June 21, 2017

Traditional Request For Lynxie! Full frame

Traditional Request For Lynxie! Close Up

My usually clean minimalistic digital art studio in 'Traditional Mode'

As of this post, this Traditional Request is complete, and ready to ship! Thanks so much to Lynxie for the super fun request, and hanging out during Monday's DRS 248 while I crafted this single drawing for almost 4 hours lol. Needless to say traditional takes me a little longer! Congrats one more time for being the winner of the 700 follower giveaway, where we raffled off one traditional request to a lucky winner to celebrate the milestone! When we hit 800 we'll do it again! This piece is in the sturdy envelope shown in the studio picture on the desk, and on its way to you!

See everyone at the next Drawing Request Show - ever M-F on twitch at http://twitch.tv/eryckwebb

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